Costa Rica: May 23, San Jose

We got into San Jose in the evening and followed the guidebook’s recommendation of a little Argentinean place for dinner. Terrific steak and a nice house wine. I wasn’t very comfortable walking around, I have to admit. Typical city, I suppose, but I was really missing all of the other nights of the trip when we strolled outside talking and listening to birds and frogs. The hotel was nice, though, and we got a good night’s sleep before heading down for breakfast.

We said hello to Simon Bolivar, then roamed some of the parks.

I gave San Jose a bit more of a break in the morning. There really were some nice green spaces.

Lots of sculpture.

I like this guy’s feathered friend.

The poor guy sitting on this thing kept getting up to get out of the way of our photos, but of course didn’t understand we wanted him in them.

Here I am getting a photo of the weathervane.

A mural.

The street, looking back toward the park where we just were.

We ended up walking past the restaurant where we’d had dinner the night before.

By the time we had this walk, I was pretty ready to leave – not to go home, but to get back out of the city.

Ok, that’s it. You’ll just have to wait for more photos until we go back again. And of course we will.

Note from later: Yen has also blogged about the trip. I really like seeing the two versions of the trip. Mostly the same details, but a little different perspective.