Rome (Last Day!)

We only had a couple of hours before we had to get on the train for the airport. We decided to just take a little walk.

In addition to giant monuments, there are small details all over Rome. It’s beautiful on large and small scales.

We ended up near the Spanish Steps again on our way to the Villa Borghese. It was extremely difficult to drag Yen away from taking just one more! shot of the view.

This? This is a birdbath for a condor. I’m pretty sure.

The Villa Borghese reminds me a little of Central Park, though it’s certainly not so wild. But it’s clearly the place to go on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

You can see by my cheeks that I got a bit of sun yesterday in Ostia Antica.

And then we were gone, getting on the train and making our way to the airport. Once we checked in, we had one final terrific meal. When was the last time you had a meal at the airport that you’d call “terrific”? This was a lovely little plate of halved grape tomatoes, fresh basil, pesto, and beautiful fresh mozzarella. We sopped it all up with bread. If we hadn’t been about to spend eight hours on a plane, I would have demanded a glass of wine. As it was, I was a happy girl.

I am delighted to tell you to watch this space, because we have more adventures lined up. We’re slipping down to DC next weekend for just a couple of days – nothing big, but fun just the same. Two weeks after that, I’ll be escorting Yen on his very first trip to Iowa for Christmas (very looking forward to that). And then in the second week of January, we’re off to Malaga, Spain. Stay tuned!