Florence (Day Four)

We had just two more hours in Florence before we needed to run to the train station and head to Rome. We decided to use this to finally explore the inside of the cathedral. It seemed fitting after all the time we’d spent wandering around and even over it. Along the way, one quick look at a courtyard new our hotel.

Here I am inside the cathedral. I’m being scale. See my (relative) smallness?


The inside of the dome again. It’s dizzying.

Ah, ok. So you can see the scene I mentioned in a previous post. This one happens to not include hell.

I like this clock very much, though I don’t understand it at all. Pretty sure it’s saying it’s 17:40, though it was about 10am.

Now you can see a complete scene. See the scariness at the bottom? And you can’t really appreciate it in this photo, but what’s great about this painting is out the saints are sort of spilling over at the top. They’re a rambunctious lot, I think.


Now we’re outside having one last look at the bell tower. Just look at that sky!


Scale! Oh, and I’m wearing a different scarf now. Have to mix it up. I suppose this is a good time to mention my packing strategy. Did you notice I had the same pair of jeans in all of the photos after Zurich? So, you wear dark jeans, and you can basically get away with them anywhere. Don’t attempt that with stonewashed or other such nonsense. And then shirts were a couple of dark, cotton Horny Toad numbers. I just love that  brand for travel. I swear you could wear the same shirt for a week and it would still smell just fine. Dark shoes so you don’t quite scream, “Tourist!” (Though the fact is, with my face you could always tell I’m American. Dress me in a burka and it’ll still be true.) And the real secret is scarves. Everyone in Europe wears a scarf when it gets cold! Which is so sensible. Bring a couple of options and you can dress up for dinner as needed. Wear a pair of simple earrings that will go with everything, and keep your makeup really, really simple (if at all). And voila! You only need a tiny backpack and you’re good for a week.


Bon voyage! I’m about to get on a train to Rome.

Yes… Still about to get on that train…