Ljubljana (first day)

Most of today was meetings – 9am to 6pm, actually. When we finally escaped, we made a beeline for the lake and walked until the mosquitoes became a problem. No photos there – it was too overcast.

Oh, wait. Why am I here? I’ve been working with an organization, VideoLectures.net for almost exactly a year now. I remember when they came to visit for the first time, I couldn’t get them meetings with most of the people they wanted to meet because it was during finals. They’re based here in Slovenia, but some of their funding goes to traveling around and capturing content or (more recently) helping organizations install their homegrown workflow management system. This week they gathered educational groups who are working with a lot of video content to talk about ways to collaborate.

But enough with the work.

We’re staying in Bled, which is a little resort town north and west of Ljubljana – closer to Austria, actually. You can see the start of the Alps to the north, and the hotel (which is one of many in the town) is full of tourists. More Americans and Britons than I expected.

That said, I’ve been wondering all day why Americans haven’t discovered Slovenia and descended. It’s very pretty, but I think the variety of landscape (and therefore activites) would attract people. From a good base in Ljubljana – which is walkable and full of little cafes and winding streets – you could be at the coast in an hour, the mountains in an hour, Venice in two hours, etc. And because it’s such a small country with its own little language, everyone is forced to be tri-lingual: some combination of their own tongue, English, French, Italian, or German depending on which part of the country you’re in. I’d say get here now before people catch on. I just wish I could spend more time. This whirlwind visit is nice, but I could really sit down and relax here for a while.

Enough: you want photos. I don’t have many today, I’m afraid. It was getting dark by the time we went to dinner. And once we sat down to actually order, it was 10pm. Now it’s 1:30am and I’m just now back at the hotel and thinking about going to sleep. I can hear people outside still laughing and presumably having a beer.

There’s a theme to these four photos I’m giving you to hold you over until tomorrow when we do our big bus tour around the country: I was looking up. Not sure why that happened, but it seems like a fine theme. Tomorrow I’ll see about looking down. Or at least toward eye level.