Peru: Sacsayhuamán

You can’t tell it from the ground, but there are actually a lot of ruins right by Cusco. The closest is just a 20-minute walk from the main plaza. It’s got a great name, Sacsayhuamán, which is pronounced rather like, “sexy woman.” In fact, if you just say that, people know exactly what you’re talking about.

We left Cusco on a local bus. We were crammed in with the locals. A boy stands by the door shouting out the stops, letting people on and off, and collecting fare (which you pay when you leave). I thought it was just terrific, riding the way the locals do. The stupid guide book warned us there might be pickpockets, but as throughout the entire trip, we found the Peruvians nothing but friendly, helpful, and good-humored. We arrived with absolutely everything still in our pockets.

And we arrived at just the right moment as the sun was beginning to set. It made this beautiful place even more magical.

Yen scurried up the other side so he could get the best shots. See me waving? See my enormous shadow?

At the top is a terrific view of the city. At the bottom of this photo is the plaza you saw in my earlier photos.

Here’s the road that leads back to town.

And the dinner we definitely earned. Not pictured is a bowl of soup that I had that absolutely made my toes curl. Just a simple beef and noodle soup, but so good.