A Day at the Beach

Are we back in Puerto Rico? Nope, this is Massachusetts, if you can believe it. You would believe it if you felt how cold the water was. But the kids don’t care.

Ba Noi even joined us. I took her for a little walk down the beach while the kids played. I told Yen later that I really hope someone takes me for walks on the beach when I’m old. It’s just so pleasant in an unfussy way.

We figured since we were in Lynn, we should indulge in some good Latin cuisine afterward for lunch. We found a little Venezualan place called Los Chamos (the kids) that was run by two good-natured abuelas who were determined to feed us. When Mina’s food came, one of them silently started feeding her – huge forkful after forkful. I kept waiting for Mina to tell her to back off, but she just packed it away without a word while we all stared, shocked. I asked her later why she went along with it, and she seemed genuinely bewildered too. “I don’t know!” But it was a fun – if extremely filling – meal, and Yen and I enjoyed the fact that the abuelas didn’t seem to speak English.

Oddly, we ended up in Lynn the next week too, because we’re test driving cars. Selfie! This was the Kia EV6, which I loved, but it may be too expensive. But the kids have so much more room in the back… We’ll see!