April Vacation

These lucky kids got a vacation two weeks ago, and now it’s April vacation at school! They made an extensive list of things they wanted to do, with the zipline at Jordan’s as the first item. I don’t have a photo of that because I had to work all week and am relying on what Yen sent to me. But I do have a photo of lunch after! They went to Fuddrucker’s, which as you can see Linus gave thumbs up for the mac and cheese. Yen was less enthusiastic.

The next day they went to the Museum of Science – along with most of the families in the area, I believe. They had to park all the way down by the Galleria, so they stopped off at the playground along the way.

This is Mina’s sloth impersonation.

Linus learned just how deep chipmunk holes – and renewed his commitment to catch any that come near our hourse.

Next day: biking at Boston Common. Look at that sky! Notice that Linus has a new bike helmet for his growing noggin.