March 2 to April 12, 2022

A few random shots of what we’ve been up to this early spring.

Like stylin’ in the snow.

And walks on blustery days.

Modelling fancy new duds.

Karate! Mina is taking classes now too. She is a Dragon and hasn’t earned her white belt quite yet – but it’ll be soon. Here she’s borrowed Linus’s.

But Linus earned his full yellow! Obviously this wouldn’t normally be held in the parking lot, but she gave the parents a special favor because we’re not yet allowed in the studio again.

The weather is finally turning nice. Yen and Linus installed a basketball hoop which is very popular with the neighbor kids. Sometimes I’m working upstairs and I can hear a screaming game – but look outside to find that none of my children are even playing. It does drive me crazy to always have visitors, but at least I know Linus and Mina are here rather than roaming elsewhere.

And Mina is working on her street hockey skills.