October 2021

You’re going to see an unseasonably warm October unfold in these photos – all the way to flora and fauna. We added a few more beds to our front lawn, and with it some flowers that are meant to attract pollinators. Sure enough, even before they were in the ground, these flowers had visitors.

Here we are at Acton Arboretum as usual.

Mina has started ballet lessons again. We are looking forward to the recital in May.

We got our pumpkins a little early this year. After we carved one of them, it rotted within just a couple of days. Linus’s teacher was collecting rotting things for their science class, though, so it wasn’t a total loss.

After we chose our pumpkins, we visited a hiking trail the kids call Milkweed Valley

Check out this monkey on the monkey bars.

The kids have gone back to the trampoline park a few times. Unfortunately it’s starting to get very crowded again, so I don’t think we’ll be back for a while.

Speaking of things we won’t be doing again for a while, Yen and the kids went to a small party hosted by some friends. The kids enjoyed the food and the bonfire, but at some point they just timed out. Yen couldn’t find them anywhere until they were finally discovered waiting in the car to go home!

Check out Mina’s Halloween costume! I always knew she would turn out to be an earth bender.

This was during our visit to Long Hill. Linus was shocked to find nudity in the garden.

The folks at Long Hill were getting ready for the Halloween show (which we attended Halloween night; unfortunately the photos didn’t come out – sorry!). Linus doesn’t seem too concerned.

School picture time! Mina and I had a bit of a scuffle about what she should wear. We finally reached an agreement, but I discovered later that she got the last word by accessorizing as she saw fit.

The kids have been bothered even more than usual by dogs on our hikes. Mina decided to take matters into her own hands.

The kids may be wearing shorts, but I have been so cold on my daytime calls that I’ve taken to wearing a hat around the house. Which of course has resulted in a new family pastime: stealing my hat.

Mina somehow knew exactly what one should do while wearing a beret.

At least she also steals Yen’s things too.

And they give back?

Skating season has started again!