September 2021

We’re closing on the end of the year so I’d better catch up on my posts! There is snow on the ground while I write this, but let’s journey back to a time when we needed shorts and t-shirts, and when our tomato plants were this high.

Why is Linus so happy?

Oh, it’s because his hubcap collection is growing.

Mina has abandoned her handstands and turned her attention to bridges.

Her commitment to fitness is total: she’s even got Ba Noi doing zumba! In case you’re curious, the blanket on the window is for afternoon sun glare. We love our shadeless windows except for about 30 minutes in the afternoon.

Which is all a warm-up for some scooter acrobatics.

Here’s an intimate moment with Bartleby before the kids head off to school for the day.

Mina doesn’t allow any interference in her dressing and accessorizing.

Linus developed a passion for soccer this fall, so we all played in the afternoons. Mina struggled a bit with goal keeping until she called in reinforcement.

OK, now some random shots of how we are keeping busy as we’re still mostly amusing ourselves at home. At least we have enough bikes!

Linus and I went several times to Great Brook Farm for evening hikes. He got a milkshake at the entrance, and then slurped while I enjoyed the woods. Relationships are about compromise.

I won’t make you guess what this is. It’s a safety vest for a babery. If you don’t remember what a babery is, it’s a teeny cotton puff that normal families use for arts and crafts. I bought some for Linus and Mina years ago, and they adopted them. They’ve created a whole village and society for the wee beasties.

We frequently took advantage this summer of Cambridge closing Memorial Drive on weekend mornings.

Check out this huge fungus Linus spotted in the town playground!

Our teeny historic village (founded in 1729!) makes a huge deal out of town festivals and milestones. If you ever have a chance, come visits us in April so you can attend the Pole Capping. In September, we have Bedford Day, which is really just a big town party. Following a tip from a 15-year resident, we positioned ourselves just outside of town center and discovered that the parade marchers are flush with enthusiasm and candy at that spot.

Our local Minutemen re-enactors march in the parade, of course. Linus did NOT like the musket demonstration. Have you ever seen such a flattering photo of me?

I’m not sure where she got the idea, but Mina has been making little lily pads and frogs.

Meanwhile Linus created a screenshot of a manatee Zoom call.

Yen has been playing with different camera modes on his phone. Here’s Linus posing behind a bakery in Concord.

Linus had two cavities that didn’t get addressed during the early pandemic. By the time we got to the doctor, they were very advanced! One was pulled, and the other got this neat little cap so the tooth can stay in place until the tooth falls out naturally.

He’s much more careful with his brushing now, but I’m afraid his love of sweets is going to make him a frequently flier at the dentist.

Here’s Linus relaxing and listening to some tunes.

And we end the month with a controversial decision. Mina had a cold and stayed home from school, but Yen had errands to run. So she has unfortunately learned that when you’re sick, you get to go on adventures. So far she hasn’t used this information for evil, but it’s only a matter of time.