August 2021

You’ve probably never even noticed, but I tag each of these posts with the kids’ age at the time so we can look back and say, “What was Mina doing when she was 3?” There’s a tiny data quality nerd living inside me. Anyway, I mention it because I was completely taken aback when I realized it was already time to add a new tag because Linus is seven now! How is that possible?

Well, it’s just a number, after all. And he’s still very busy as if the calendar hasn’t turned over another year.

And Mina is still upside down.

Mina decided one day that she needed to dress for breakfast.

Thumbs up!

Mixed review?

I think this is a bird. I think?

Now that Linus has moved up to a bigger bike, we can’t fit all of our bikes on the car. So Yen has been doing a lot more roller blading – which has inspired the kids to improve their skills too.

One way we get Linus out of the house and onto his bike is to promise to bike all the way to the parking lot of a towing company in Arlington so he can see what new disasters have occurred.

Our friends introduced us to a new Trustees property, Farandnear. It’s another former estate and provided a nice combination of landscaping and a wild ramble in the woods.

Upside down again. Look at those abs!

Sometimes she mixes it up.

In case you wonder how she does it.

You’ve seen a lot of photos over the years of Mina in a bike seat. Yen finally got one for her bike so she can take her babies for a ride. That’s Bartleby in there.

I already posted a few photos of their trip to the zoo, but I discovered a few more. These are from the latern festival they were preparing for.

The kids were interested in trying to feed more birds after their visit to the zoo, so we went to good old Ipswich River. The birds weren’t interested because it’s the middle of summer and there were a lot of other food sources around. But we had a nice walk.

We woke up one morning and thought it would be a nice beach day. Unfortunately we forgot that most beaches require cash for parking in the summer, so we drove to three different ones before we realized we needed a new plan. We ended up parking in Gloucester and letting the kids clamber down to the beach there. They were just as happy as if it it had been a real beach.

Yen took Ba Noi and the kids on a ferry ride across Boston Harbor one day.

They ended up at the aquarium. It’s been an awfully long time since their last visit.

And wouldn’t you know it? Even in the city they found a hubcap. Linus didn’t get to keep this one.