July 2021

Lately I can’t remember what happened in the morning. Let’s see whether I can remember July!

First, some arts and crafts. Linus constructed this phone. I’m not sure how he knows about “old fashioned” (yes, really) handsets, but he really nailed it!

We had a hot, rainy summer, so we weren’t able to hike as much as usual. But the bike trails were all in working order. This picture’s a bit dated because both kids have moved on to bigger bikes!

Hanging out with Cha and having a low-key day. Not pictured: me on my 10th Teams call of the day

We celebrated Mina’s half birthday with devil’s food. Only everyone was too impatient to let the cake cool before I frosted it, so it was pretty melty

If I remember right, in July we were all thinking that enough people we vaccinated that we could move about mostly like old times. Still, we were a bit nervous and tried to avoid crowds. That meant the kids had to go to the spray deck early in the morning when it wasn’t hot yet. They didn’t actually mind.

Yen and Linus constructed this little car together out of wood scraps, and then Linus got to work painting it. I wonder where it is now?

Mina, I don’t think those are your pants!

I don’t think Mina was cooking for any particular reason. But aren’t Sunday waffles reason enough to dress up?

Yen had a few weeks when the kids wanted to go into Boston every day. They brought their bikes and road around and around the Common, dipped their toes into Frog Pond, and then rode the carousel. They all slept well every night.

Mina asked if she could learn to play the violin. I told her if she could learn to play two songs on the recorder, I’d find her a violin and lessons. So far she’s learned one

Mostly, though, she practices gymnastics.

And makes self portraits.

And I don’t know what’s happening in this photo, but it makes me laugh