A Visit with David

I’m fully vaccinated, so I hopped on a plane to visit David! We refused to try to figure out just how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other. Much better late than never.

We spent most of the weekend hiking. There is so much hiking near his place!

Here’s a view of the same from up above – which required a lot of stairs.

I also got a tour of his farm so I can finally imagine where he is when he calls me while fixing something, chasing something, or avoiding being around for someone (he would never do that…).

Linus would have enjoyed the tour he gave me of the milking operation.

When we weren’t hiking, we were eating. This is from a particularly good breakfast at a place called Oasis Cafe. The photo was a bit of a surprise to David, who just wanted to eat in peace.

Not pictured (because we care about Grandpa’s mental health): snakes! We saw a garder snake, a smooth green snake, and a hognose snake (that was being poked by an idiot – we are hoping he was bitten in the end).

We saw unusual glacial formations called pot holes.

And more great views.

And discovered a wide variety of terrains.

We’ve committed to getting together again soon. So stay tuned!