June 8 – June 26, 2017

I must be getting old because I don’t remember summers being this hot when I first moved to New England. And yet here we are with regular days in the 90s. At least the kids know how to keep cool.



This looks like pretty healthy skepticism from Mina. I suspect that Linus is warning her the ride is about to start, and that it’s going to be fun. The blanket you see draped across their feet is what Linus calls “the gate.” He knows when he goes on rides at the zoo that the operator always puts a little rope across so he can’t escape. When he wants me to spin him in his chair, he expects the same treatment.



Here’s Mina just in from playing with the water table. Getting dry and cozy.


Linus is going through that phase that I think every kid passes through: he wants to be naked as much as possible. Lately he’s turning up for dinner without clothes on. Then he warns us, “Don’t spill anything hot on my penis.”


Mina has to wear a diaper, but someones she joins in the nudist fest.


Can you believe the Trans went to the beach in the summer? Well, it was a special occasion: Ruby, Henry, Jenny, and Grandma Terri were visiting. Unfortunately Yen didn’t take photos of them! That’s because he used the opportunity of their visit to get lots of chores down around the house and lawn, and just didn’t have much opportunity. It means they need to visit again soon.

Crane Beach

The water was so cold! Liuus didn’t care, and I found that if I sat in the shallow waves, it was mostly OK. Poor Mina, though, was shivering the whole time. Didn’t stop the playing, of course.

Crane Beach


Little scholar at the library.

Museum of Science

Here’s Linus enjoying his favorite exhibit at the Museum of Science again. Water goes down, water comes up. Water goes down, water comes up. He’s started saying, “Let me see how it works” about everything: sliding doors, fans, wheels, drains you name it. He gets down right next to whatever it is, and then you have to make it move a few times while he watches.

“Linus, do you want me to do it again?”

“I do!”

Museum of Science

So many Minas…

Museum of Science

Linus got all the way to the third floor of the museum and just… took five.

Museum of Science

We visited an exhibit that looks at movies and other art that predicted the future. Here’s the care from Back to the Future 3.

Museum of Science

And a xenomorph from Alien. Linus really hated it. He ran away from it, and later told us again how it scared him. Yen told him, “It’s just made of plastic and wires and paint – we could actually make one if we wanted to.”

Linus said, “Let’s go upstairs and make one now. I’m not scared of anything I can make.”

Wow, eh?

Museum of Science

A litte stroll in the woods.

Great Meadows


Mina is getting better with utensils, although she generally hits a point where she tosses them away and gets down to business.


While Linus is a pro, of course.


Here’s Mina playing with a doll – a rare sight, and one I’ve not in fact seen in real life.


Uh oh. I think she’s acting out what Linus does to her.



Loungy Linus!


Yen gave Linus an old camera. He took a picture of Mina and said, “Mina is cute!”


Linus, that’s not why Grandma gave you that piano!


Yen took the kids to a wading pool on a particularly hot day. Poor Mina is so little that when the big kids come splashing by, she gets drenched.

Beaver Brook, Belmont

Beaver Brook, Belmont

Beaver Brook, Belmont

Our friend Cesare celebrated his 1st birthday at the Ecotarium in Worcester. It’s a great little museum – too bad it’s an hour away.

Both kids got all dressed up, and Mina loved her party hat.

Cesare's 1st birthday, Ecotarium, Worcester

She really worked the room. She’s such a social lady!

Cesare's 1st birthday, Ecotarium, Worcester

The kids were invited to bring their favorite stuffed animals, so Linus’s manatee came along. He got his own hat!

Cesare's 1st birthday, Ecotarium, Worcester

Then the kids dressed up as animals – here’s Mina in her bunny tail and mask. Linus was a monkey. of course.

Cesare's 1st birthday, Ecotarium, Worcester

When everyone was dressed, the kids paraded through the museum.

Cesare's 1st birthday, Ecotarium, Worcester

Cesare's 1st birthday, Ecotarium, Worcester

Then we took in the exhibits. Linus played with different wheel options for the cars.

Cesare's 1st birthday, Ecotarium, Worcester

Cesare's 1st birthday, Ecotarium, Worcester

Then went outside to check out a big exhibit on bubbles.

Cesare's 1st birthday, Ecotarium, Worcester

Cesare's 1st birthday, Ecotarium, Worcester

Mina wanted to stay inside and play in the toddler area, so Linus went off to the sandbox. I think it’s about time to get one at home.


Then he got to learn how a water pump works.


The next day we went strawberry picking. Hats off to the genius lazy farmer who thought of this! We paid a lot of money to harvest their crop for them. But the kids enjoyed it and I got to take home the choicest little strawberries. I took the teeny ones that no one else wanted! We’ve got some left over, so I’ll make a trifle for the bbq we’re hosting this weekend.

Parlee Farm, Tyngsboro

Parlee Farm, Tyngsboro

Parlee Farm, Tyngsboro

Mina ate about a dozen berries while the rest of us picked.

Parlee Farm, Tyngsboro