We were in a restaurant this weekend, and Mina reached up to touch the wallpaper she was admiring.

A Few Fall Updates

Yen has a nice collection locked up on his camera, but I wanted to share a few highlights from fall. First is my ongoing attept to get a nice picture…

Tooth Fairy

Mina decided to go as the tooth fairy for Halloween. She commissioned a costume from Grandma, of course. Mina created the design: And look how Grandma delivered!

Happy Fall!

It took 23 tries, but I got a nice shot of the furryheads.

Fall Happenings

We’re back to school and activities every night (completely now that Mina has started violin). But just wanted to share a few random bits of our days. First is a…

Aug 11 to Sept 17, 2022

This post is going to take me back a month to before school started and when it was still 90 degrees most days – which thankfully feels far away now.…

Second Week of School

As I noted before, we missed the traditional first-day photos. But Yen is making up for it! I wore all black and white to work today, and apparently Mina was…

First Day of School (or Close, Anyway)

Many factors – including the weather – contrived to keep Yen from getting a first day of school photo this year, so I took matters into my own hands when…


The kids are getting really into roller blading and ice skating again. They practice every day in our driveway (using our neighbor’s driveway across the street to really build up…


Now it’s Mina’s turn to do her impersonation of a jack o’ lantern. She’s so excited that it happened right before school starts.


When we started researching what to do in Whistler, one of the first things that came up was a train wreck in the woods. It was as if they knew…


We thought we were very smart scheduling a summer vacation in Vancouver. We had visions of mild weather while we biked through Stanley Park. Unfortunately our visit coincided with record…

Happy birthday, Linus!

Linus celebrated his birthday by inviting a few friends to go bowling. It was the first time for all three of his friends, but they had a great time.

July 2022: Staying Busy at Home

Our big activity this summer has been tennis. The kids took lessons last year, but it didn’t really stick. Something did this year, though, and they’ve been playing it every…

Before and After

Yen and Mina have been standing in front of some of our wall art and making a modern-day version of what’s there. Check it out.