May 24, 2017

Here’s a beautiful sight: Ba Noi and the kids having a quiet moment. They love her so much!

Daily Adventures

Yen sends me text throughout the day that contain photos of the kids’ adventures while I’m at work. Thought I’d share a few today. First up is Mina at the library. They tend to go every Monday morning. During the…

Ba Noi to Mina: Don’t hit the baby [doll]. Linus, on the other side of the bathroom door: Who’s visiting us? Yen: It’s just a doll. Linus: Oh. Fake baby.

Linus is learning to use one of the strongest James traits, acrobatic eyebrows.

Little Shopper

Today’s field trip was to the grocery store. Looks like Mina took charge of the shopping list. I hope she makes dinner too!

Car Shopping

Yen took the kids to Target today to buy a few things for our upcoming vacation. While they were there, they decided to take a look at the cars. We have tried so hard to avoid gender stereotypes with these…

Sleeping Beauties

I went in to wake Linus and Yen from their nap this afternoon. I found them sleeping like this.

April 4 - 17, 2017

It’s Spring at last! Oddly, Linus is celebrating it by wearing his winter hat indoors. Isn’t this a beautiful family photo? I look at this one a lot while I’m at work. Keeps me going! We call this gesture, “Please,…

April 13, 2917

The kids haven’t quite figured out how to smile for the camera.

February 23 - April 4, 2017

I’m sorry it’s been a while! We’re usually so busy dancing with them that we can’t stop to take photos. Mina is getting more interested in books now, though she still rarely sits still long enough to listen to a whole…

Mina absolutely loves dancing.

There’s a lot going on in the audio of this video, but I still had to share it. First, you’ll see that Linus’s chopstick skills are getting stronger each day. And then you’ll hear the words of a true gourmand:…

Here’s a very typical dinner scene. Mina says she wants soup, but of course only to blow bubbles into. Linus has thrown his peas and corn into his chair and is now innocently asking where they’ve gone.

Linus is trying to speak more English now. You can hear a bit of it here. He’s also counting in both languages, though in Vietnamese he tends to skip sau (six). When we ask him where sau went, he sticks…

February 6 - 23, 2017

Now we come to the part of winter that seems to last forever. The snow is old and dirty, it’s cold, and no one wants to go outside. But that’s OK, because we’ve got more trucks than any two kids…