Whirled Peas

I hope Linus’s interest in all foods that come his way will continue into his boyhood. He’s game for anything we put on a spoon! Yesterday we gave him peas for the first time, and he absolutely loved it. Today we offered them again, and he was enjoying them so much that I had to turn on the camera. You can hear the little song he hums when he’s got them in his mouth. The other song you hear is Yen making fun of him.

By the way, so far he’s only had foods that I’ve made for him, nothing from a jar. I hope I can keep this up. I really don’t see any reason why not. It just takes a little planning on weekends, and some freezer space. I steam most things and then put them into the food processor with a little bit of the cooking water. That has worked for sweet potato, carrots, peas, prunes, and pears (which didn’t require extra water). Once they’re all smooth, I spoon them into ice cube trays and freeze them into little individual servings. After they’re frozen I take the cubes out and put them in a dated ziplock bag. That way we can pull out one or two cubes whenever he wants them. Right now a single sweet potato lasts him for about three weeks. He has also had banana and avocado, but those only required a little mashing with a spoon.

Oh, and rice cereal. I’m not a huge fan of giving him rice cereal. It’s made of white rice, and doesn’t really taste like anything. The doctor told us to give him 4 tablespoons of it each day, and then vegetables if he finishes all of that, and finally fruit if he finishes all of that. We tried that for a day, and I just felt so sorry for him. The cereal is so boring with almost noting nutritional to it (except for the added iron, which is why the doctor recommended it). Four tablespoons is an awful lot, so he really didn’t have room for anything else after. I talked it over with Yen, and we decided that our highest priority is creating a little man who is interested in fresh fruits and vegetables, so that’s what we’re going to give him. We use the rice cereal occasionally to thicken the purees, but for the most part, we’re leaving it on the shelf. When he’s a little older, I’ll get him some oatmeal. I hope I’m doing the right thing here, but it just feels right to give him the things he’s clearly enjoying, which also happen to be fresh. Only time will tell.