Bruins Fans and Other Wildlife

Saturday morning I did something rather surprising: I announced I would join Yen at the Bruins parade, or The March of the Stanley Cup. I figured that in addition to being supportive of the passions of The Object of My Affection, I shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to see Bostonians displaying pure enthusiasm, as they’re such stiff, unexpressive people so much of the time.

Off we went. We made a big error in the beginning: instead of getting off at Charles and walking across the Common, we very foolishly waited for Park Street, the eye of the storm. We pushed forward for maybe ten minutes before settling on a spot near St. Paul’s. Yen managed to find a spot on the first step, and it was enough to give him a view of the parade route. My view was less impressive.

But I got to see what we were all there to see, the recently shorn Bruins and the Cup.

And much more important, unbridled enthusiasm (less apparent on some faces than others – poor girl!).

This poor guy doesn’t seem to know what sport we’re all celebrating. Fenway is that way, Dude.

I liked it. I didn’t like the pushing and the yelling and the accents and the guy drinking a fifth of Hennessey at 11am and the WHOOOOOing. But it was a fun scene and I’m happy I witnessed it.

Ok, so then we hid in Chinatown waiting for the T to settle down. With bellies full of pho we decided to take in some birds at Great Meadows.

I always like to check the wildlife boards to see what others have spotted. Sometimes there’ll be something unusual and you can keep an eye out (which is how we happened to notice an oriole last weekend at Broadmoor). This day a bunny had been spotted, of the cute variety.

Yep, the story checked out.

And, you know, red-winged blackbirds.

But what made me unreasonably happy was spotting this guy in the weeds. He was in complete stealth mode and hunting—so much so that Yen accused him of being a statue (I swear I saw his beak move).

Less exciting is the fact that Canada Geese have invaded this place just like every other. See them up ahead on the trail? They’re pooping with abandon.

Here’s one of the offenders looking, I must say, suitably ashamed.

But of course I still love the place.

It had rained a bit earlier and the water was beading on the lilies.

You can’t see it in the photo, but a turtle was swimming among them.

Not pictured are the 40,000 mosquitoes who tried to devour us. It’s time to get as serious about insect repellent as we are about sunscreen, methinks.