Bear Brook State Park

Sometimes I just don’t think. It never occurred to me that driving north into New Hampshire on a Saturday morning in October could possibly be a bad idea. We were on our way to the Canterbury Shaker Village and barely made it over the border before we hit a traffic jam. Even worse was when we stopped off at the rest-area-cum-liquor-store. My god! The people! Anyway, we rerouted and headed for Bear Brook State Park for a picnic and a walk.

As I noted previously, Linus has recently graduated to facing front in his little carrier. We think he likes it, although it’s hard to tell because he simply flies down the path with the same stoic alertness that he did before, only this time facing forward. He does stay awake longer (not pictured…), which at least suggests he’s a little more engaged.

Also, just look how boyish my husband is! Can you believe he’s turning 42 next month? That’s what exercising, avoiding junk food, and always wearing moisturizer and sunscreen will do for you.


What made this trip special was that David was along. He came out for a long weekend. I can’t wait until he finishes school and gets a more flexible schedule for longer visits. Or better yet, why not just move out here?




We decided to take the Bear Brook Trail, which follows the brook that the park is named after (no kidding…). It’s a terrific little trail with just enough ups and downs to be interesting. It’s very popular with the mountain bikers.


Here’s David looking to see whether a muskrat lives in this tube. Nope. Or at least he wasn’t home if he does.






There’s the alert baby! Note also that he’s sporting Bruins mittens. What I’d do for a photo of Chara holding him…