A Walk at Habitat

The weather this weekend was very strange. The forecast kept saying rain, so we delayed doing anything, and then we’d see that it looked good, and rush out before it changed. In the end there was very little actual rain, but it still managed to keep us from going very far from home. We did get a couple of hours in at Habitat in Belmont, though. You won’t see it a lot here, but Fall is definitely coming to us. A few leaves are changing here and there, and the wind feels different. I wish it could last longer. It’s my absolute favorite season.


Habitat is a funny little place. It’s right in the middle of Belmont, which is a pretty swanky town. This is some seriously valuable real estate, and it’s lucky that the land was donated back in the 1960s, or there would be McMansions all over it right now.


Instead, the children of the affluent neighbors get to do their Eagle Scout projects here, so this tiny sanctuary has more trails than you could possibly imagine or chart on a map. Boardwalks are laid where the ground is maybe a little soggy occasionally, and there are plenty of benches if you need a rest (I did – nothing like nursing while looking at a turtle pond).


Yep, still working on the figure. It’s going to take a while. I’m so impatient. I have noticed, though, that I think my cardio-vascular system is actually in better shape than before. Probably from carrying on hiking with a little mass pressing on my diaphragm.



Poor little monkey. He whimpered a little when we first set out. But after I stopped to give him a snack, he fell right asleep and rode along like this the entire trip. I don’t know how he sleeps like that.



Oops – I lied. He did wake up a little while, and Yen posed with him.



After our walk, we rushed home so that Yen and I could go on a date while a friend came over to watch Linus. Of course, we talked about him the entire time we were gone. How could we not?