Hike at Weir Hill

We’re venturing farther and farther from home on our little weekend hikes, working up to maybe trekking up to the White Mountains in a few weeks. Starting to figure out how to help Linus stay comfortable through the hike. “Tanking up” in the car right before we put him in the carrier seems to be the secret.

This weekend’s practice hike was our much-traveled Weir Hill. As usual, there were more dogs than people, and I’m afraid we’re going to have to cross it off our list soon for that reason. I love the trail, but I don’t love dodging wet dogs that have just emerged from a dip in the reservoir despite stern warning signs that dogs aren’t allowed in the public drinking water.

Enough ranting. Anyway, here I am. You can see that I still have quite a lot of baby weight hanging around. But at least that’s a “regular” shirt I’m wearing and not a maternity shirt. Baby steps.


Yen, of course, looks exactly the same as always. Trim and full of energy. Good thing because Linus gets heavier each week.




We’re still learning the right amount of bundling. Here he’s wearing a jumpsuit, hat, and blanket. It worked pretty well. I’ve got to sort out the right layers to apply as it gets colder.


I had to take this shot to show you Yen’s view throughout the hike. Too adorable! After being in the car, he usually sleeps through the entire hike. Which is different from our neighborhood hikes, where he’s spending more and more time alert and checking things out.



Here’s Linus back in the car and getting ready for a much-needed diaper change.


And now back in his car seat and wondering, “Where to next?’