Hamlin Reservation

I do love a long weekend. We hosted a little party for the Fourth, which naturally took up the whole day (preparation, then party). Saturday I had to rest after such a full day. And then I was so happy to have one more day, because I woke this morning with a little energy and a little wanderlust. Yen put me right in the car, and we headed toward the coast hoping it would be a little cooler.

We’re not beach people, as you know – at least not during winter. But being near the water with the breeze and that certain smell is so uplifting. We found ourselves at little Hamlin Reservation, just next door to Crane Beach, but a completely different scene. It’s a big salt marsh with an old causeway out to Eagle Island. It begins with a walk through a little meadow full of morning glories and Queen Anne’s lace.



Now you can see the little island coming up – that’s what all those trees are covering.


On the causeway, you’re crossing a grassy sea that ripples in the strong breeze. It was probably 10 degrees cooler here than at home.


Here I am on the causeway. It’s not very wide, but it does the trick.


As you can see here, I won’t be hiking much longer. Or rather, hopefully I’ll be hiking again soon. I’m full to the gills with Baby and can barely get around. I’m still walking (obviously), but so painfully slowly. I don’t see how Yen manages to slow his pace to mine. By pausing to photograph everything, I suppose. I’m just… uncomfortable. Any day now, Baby.


A snowy egret. But look in the corner on the right. There were three or four other birds with him, and I’m just not sure what they are. My best guess is a little blue heron, but maybe someone has a better guess? They were quite long-necked, though can’t really see here. Smaller than the egret.


Don’t worry. We didn’t sample any.


Too bad these weren’t ripe!


Yen’s got a new hat these days. Better for keeping the sun off his neck.


Hickory nuts!




Some kind of wild rose? Something had been eating them!


Getting awfully tired here by the end!


But still going. Sometimes I think when we get near the end of a trail, I should offer to hold the camera while he runs back for one more quick loop.



I sat for a little while here just enjoying the breeze.



Yen admired the clover mix on the trail. I think we’re going to overseed the lawn with clover to make it more drought resistant. And frankly, more interesting.



And then our reward! PEI mussels followed by fish tacos for me and seared tuna for Yen. Not shown is the amazing view of the river we had. We spent the whole meal watching egrets and wondering aloud whether the people in the boats headed out to sea were wearing sunscreen. Probably not.