Yen, age 10

I can’t resist posting this. I’ve only seen two photos of Yen when he was little – three, now. I get so excited when I see them. His mom brought this one back for me from her last trip back to Vegas. It’s a photo of him with other students – I believe they had all won a prize? I should have listened more carefully, but I was too busy staring! Anyway, she challenged me to pick him out of the crowd, and I did it in a second. His smile is so unmistakable, even back then when his little face was softer (not that lovely chiseled jaw he has today).

We take pictures so for granted now, both because they’re easy to take and they’re everywhere we turn. But of course it wasn’t always so, and I can’t believe the tremendous pleasure this little window into my husband’s life gives me. Soon we’ll be snapping constant photos of Baby and posting them here, and they’ll be very special too. But I like pausing for a moment now and enjoying this particular one.