La Paz (Day 5: Fishing)

Well, now we know something we didn’t this morning: I’m not terribly into deep sea fishing. Oh, I had a good time, and I’m really glad I did it. But there were things I didn’t love, as you’ll see.

Getting up early is one of those. Our day started at 4am because the drive out to Muertos Bay is about an hour, and we had to pick up another group. It was extremely cold, but we did get to see the sun rise over the sea.

Like all sunrises, it got more spectacular before the sun actually came up.

Here are all the boats lined up ready to go.

We started with some basic trolling, and Kris and I caught three sea bass right away.

See? I’m proud. Frozen and bleary-eyed, but proud. The caption is, “I killed this thing!”

Kris also picked up two bonitos immediately, both hooked together on the same line. I’ve got a great video of it, but I don’t want to hog bandwidth uploading it while Kris is shopping for a kitchen floor over there. It’ll wait ’til I’m home. Remind me.

So then we moved farther away toward a deserted beach and caught some sardines for bait. I have video of that too. Seriously, remind me.

Here’s the view all around us while we were fishing.

We had a lot of riff-raff hanging around us while we worked.

And here’s an important spot: where the captain dropped me when I insisted he find me a rock to pee behind.

Here’s looking straight down into the water where we were fishing. Can’t wait to snorkel tomorrow.

Then we got back to land, hauled the boat up onto the land, and the pelicans immediately descended.

At least I got some good close-up shots of them while they were begging for guts.

Here I am forcing the captain to pose with me.

Here’s our kill. The captain filleted them for us, and then a nice experienced fisherman gave us some of his yellowtail. We ate some of it as sashimi when we got home. Incredible. The rest will be made into ceviche.

Here’s the aforementioned yellowtail. I know this photos is a little gross, but you have to see the scale of this thing.

So, then we came home. We were going to get showers, but I saw two egrets living it up on the beach, so I insisted we check out the tide pools first.

The water is warming up along with the air. Supposed to be mid-70s tomorrow.

Here’s Kris inspecting shells.

I don’t know what the hell this is, but it’s extremely sharp and hard. Yes, of course I cut myself on it. It’s me.

The anemones were coming out as the tide started to come back.

And here we are, exhausted, starting the long journey “home” (that’s it in the background – the white building).