La Paz (Day 4)

After morning puttering, we took a cab into town to do some shopping and pick up fishing licenses for tomorrow. I bought myself a little bird and Kris found something for ourselves, but beyond that our only contribution to the local economy was food and beer at lunch.

One of the shops was selling frames, and their sample photos cracked me up.

We had lunch at Rancho Viejo. Yum. Look at this soup I got before the big star, my entree, arrived.

That, my friends, is a lovely piece of fish under a delicious sauce.

Then we strolled down the Malecón, where I admired this statue. I just love his little paper boat.

I saw a kitty peeking out from a window…

And had to make friends with him.

Turned out he had a brother.

We stopped for a few vital supplies.

And strolled back.

Little bird sculptures on this window.

Chinese restaurant!

FUBAR Cantina. Too funny.

We’ve got to be up and sitting in the hotel lobby tomorrow at 4:45 for fishing. It’s going to be a long day. But Kris keeps reminding me: I’ll probably never have a chance to fish in the Sea of Cortez again. Might as well go for it. If I catch a giant fish, I’m going to scream my head off.