La Paz (day three)

Another chilly (relatively) lazy day. Another run that Kris estimates about 4.5 miles – not long, but a bit more than I’m used to. Wandering on the beach. Amusing the grounds crew.

The bird census: a Snowy Egret, a Reddish Egret, tons of Brown Pelicans, four little Oystercatchers, a Gila woodpecker, tons of Magnificent Frigates, loads of Black Vultures, an Osprey, a little warbler with a yellow head that I don’t recognize, and requisite terns and gulls.

I am about to give up amateur status in napping and will be forced to go pro. We cut up a pineapple and ate it with our fingers while drinking beer (an oddly good combination).

Tomorrow we’ll head into La Paz and get fishing licenses for Sunday. Still too windy for snorkeling; looks like Monday is our day.

So relaxed. So loose. So prone to staring out the window. I don’t want to go home.