La Paz (Day 2)

Not a lot of photos today. The wind that came in yesterday afternoon has made it unusually cold (one of the hotel staff said it’s the coldest day he remembers – which is 60 degrees), so snorkeling was canceled. We had a very lazy day (no complaints at all from me). We slept 13 hours, which is surely some kind of record for me. I feel fantastic. Puttered around eating cereal and drinking coffee for a couple of hours, then put on sneakers and went for a run all around the property and the beach. We did the full circuit three times, which came to more than an hour of running. Then we headed up to the fitness center and did the usual weight routine. A camera crew came by in the middle of our workout to photograph the fitness center for a travel show featuring the hotel. They were from Portland, so we compared weather notes.

Came home, had lunch, showered, and I headed to the patio to do some reading. After about an hour I curled up in the sun and went to sleep for another hour. Then we put on jackets and went down to the marina in search of coffee. I found a great cappuccino and Kris bought an ice cream, and we sat staring at nothing in particular in the marina for quite a while. Now Kris is making dinner and I’ve been watching the pelican party outside.

Tomorrow is supposed to be windy again, so we’re going to go for another run and check in about snorkeling on Saturday, and continue not doing a damned thing. For all those worrying: yes, I’ve been online. But I am not engaging in any actual work conversations. Work can suck it. Work does suck it. I’m so relaxed and far from it right now, I don’t care. It’ll all be there again when I come back. ’til then, I just don’t care.