My uncle was in town over Labor Day, and wanted to see Fenway. I’m not much of a baseball fan (as I’m sure you must know…), but I wanted to play the gracious hostess.

Well. I was absolutely shocked by how much I enjoyed the tour. I feel tremendous affection for that old park now, and would very much like to see a game in the flesh one of these days.

We arrived early – naturally – and so did a lap around the ballpark to kill time. It was silent, except for the swish of a hundred brooms as evidence of last night’s game and post-game festivities were removed.

I can’t think of anything interesting to say about this one.

I don’t suppose it’s possible to not take a photo of the Ted Williams statue. I mean, really.

The weather was incredible all weekend, but Monday was particularly beautiful. Look at that sky!

We started the tour by heading all the way to the top to get a nice view of the whole thing.

Then down to the ground, where I took a photo of our feet as proof that we stood there. It seems the “dirt” there is actually ground up bricks. Go figure.

The field was nice and green, and we weren’t allowed to touch it. Only the birds enjoyed that luxury.

It was nice to have a Coco-eye view of the park from down there.

The scoreboard was huge!

And we finished the tour by sitting in the oldest seats in the major league.