Blomidon Provincial Park and Domaine de Grand Pré

This morning we headed for Blomidon Provincial Park, which is over on the Bay of Fundy. I assume it was formed by giant glaciers shoving their way southward, but I am only an amateur geologist and so couldn’t say for sure.

The guide book makes a big deal about this area having the highest, fastest tides in the world. I recall a phrase precisely: “faster than man or beast can run.” Signs are posted all over advising visitors to check the tide timetables before setting out. We lucked out, I guess, because when we arrived there was a vast expanse of beach, and nothing crazy happened during the time we roamed.

It was a very foggy morning and we all spent a lot of time staring at the fog rolling off the water and hoping it would turn up in the photos. Which it kind of did, but you really can’t appreciate the mood of it.

Here’s the view from the opposite of the one two photos ago. You’re in a bit of an inlet here.

Up close, the cliffs are moist from all the water dripping down (and probably the fog as well).

Here’s Tanya examining the strata and displaying for you the scale of the cliffs.

That wee speck just right of center is Kevin.

After turning our shoes bright red from the clay, we climbed back up and set out for a walk. There was nature everywhere.

Here’s a view from above the area where the previous photos were taken.


It got rather hot in the sun on that trail, so we headed back down and tried another one. This is the Borden Brook Trail. It’s a little more tenacious than the ones I’m used to in Massachusetts.

It smelled wonderfully of balsam and followed a little water fall.

In fact, it may have followed it a little too closely. These are my feet on the trail. I haven’t wandered too near the edge to get a good look. I’m on the trail here.

Having sweated like crazy, we got back on the road and drove back to Domaine de Grand Pré, which we’d passed along the way. The wine was excellent (I had a Muscat with lunch, which was a really lovely mixed salad of smoked salmon, a perfectly poached egg, spinach, endive and tomato; for dessert, an ice wine with a spiced rhubarb pudding and cardamom creme anglais), the temperature was perfect, and the company… well, still wonderful. I’d go on vacation with these two again in a second.

Finally, we returned to Halifax and drove up to the Citadel in time to see the closing guard change. I don’t know what to make of this sign, but I didn’t do whatever it’s saying not to do.

I thought I was getting a stealth shot of the kilted kids down below, but as you can see, he spotted me.

And Tanya… Well, she was up to no good as usual.