Peggy’s Cove and Kejimkujik National Park

We had a little trouble getting started this morning. I had an awful night lying awake listening to Friday night partying outside while a couple of Simply Sleep tablets tried their best to put me under. Eventually I got up and went down to the lounge. Watched some bad television and did a bit of work. I got to sleep finally around what must’ve been 3am and slept through while Tanya heroically dressed and went out for morning exercise without me.

When I finally dragged myself out of the shower, we headed for the Yelp-reviewed Coastal Cafe without first verifying its Sunday hours. With that failure under our belts, we ended up at The Armview, which I loved. They claimed their espresso machine was broken (translation: no one here knows how to use it), so my only complaint was the boring coffee.

Next we drove down the coast to Peggy’s Cove. I slept most of the way and got to enjoy waking up and finding myself there already. It’s a serious tourist trap, but it’s also a pretty little town.

I don’t think all of this stuff was here for the benefit of the tourists, but you never really know.

This isn’t a postcard. I pointed and shot.

The attraction is the lighthouse. Fodor’s labels it the “most photographed” lighthouse in NS. I’m not sure how the scoring works on that. Most hits on Flickr?

It certainly is pretty, but I really expected something much bigger.

Here’s Tanya, king of the world. That little tourist below her is actually Kevin.

We got back in the car and continued down the coast to Kejimkujik National Park, the section by the coast. There’s a much larger bit of park inland, but we were hunting seals today. It’s a bit of a pain to get to, and once you’re there you have to hike out quite a long way on a gravel path (i.e., not ideal conditions for thin-soled-but-attractive sneakers like I’m prone to wear). But it’s so very worth it when you arrive. Look at all of that beach behind us.

What you can’t see terribly well from that photo is how variously blue the water is as kelp or rocks are under the surface. You can see here how clear it is, though.

We sat on rocks for quite a while watching seals (grey and harbor), as well as cormorants.

Finally, we drove back up the coast and went into Lunenberg for lunch at Salt Shaker Deli which is a hidden gem if ever there was one. I had a POUND of mussels from a cove a few km down the road. They were cooked up in broth and cream with giant cloves of roasted garlic. All this with a little plate of bread for $10. A beer would have gone nicely with it and that total only would have been $12.50. But given the night before and all the sunshine, I figured that would put me under the table.

We topped that lunch off with ice cream, naturally.

We’ve arrived home now after a stop at Wal-mart. I searched high and low for a white noise machine, and even asked a kid in the Electronics department. He looked at me as if I had three heads (“You want to record white noise?”), so I picked up some ear plugs. We’re all lounging now in various states of preparation for a night on the town: dinner at Economy Shoe Shop and drinks after at Bitter End. I’d better sign off now and epilate or something if I’m going to stand a chance next to the dress Tanya’s got planned.