Prince Edward Island

We managed to get out of Somerville at 7am on the nose this morning. Kevin, as usual, rose to the occasion.

We had a few interruptions along the way…

But one learns to be accepting in a foreign land.

Here’s Tanya with the World’s Largest Axe.

We were confused sometimes by what we saw, but eventually agree that it’s not good to juggle while riding a unicycle.

In total, it took us about 11 hours to get to Cavendish, but I refused to stop at the hotel and went straight for the red cliffs and the beach.

Here’s Tanya wondering why I’m yelling, “Don’t move!”

How cute are we? Tomorrow I’ll provide a link to the photo Kevin took of us taking this photo.

Here we all are. Tanya’s leaping from one stone to another.

Just as LM Montgomery promised, the soil here is bright red. Along the water, it’s whipped into interesting shapes.

Lots of foxes running around. Fodor’s is no help sorting out why, but they’re obviously quite tame. We’re a little unsure about running tomorrow morning at the beach, but we’ll give it a go. I suppose shouting and not giving them Cheetos will keep them away.

We did a drive-by of Green Gables. Fan that I am, I won’t be paying the fee to tour the house, nor walk through the haunted forest. But I couldn’t not take a photo.

And this is me outside of the Sandbox, the only place in Cavendish that will serve food after 9pm. Notice that it wasn’t dark out even as we left dinner. I think I’m probably not cut out for life here.

Tomorrow will tackle a little more PEI and then make our way to Halifax where we’re spending the next two days.