The Day that Dad Came to Play

Dad had a conference here in Boston, so he stayed afterward to play tourist with me.

First, we went to Cape Cod. He’d never been there before. We had fried things (I had oysters but can’t remember which seafood he ended up with), then went to Coast Guard Beach. There’s a lighthouse down the road.

Next we went to Wellfleet Bay Audubon Center, where Dad bought me a membership for my birthday and we saw a turkey vulture.

And many, many fiddler crabs.

Next day, we took Smithsonian’s advice and drove highway 100 in Vermont, stopping off at the Quechee gorge later.

Then the next day, to the White Mountains (and some Flatbread in Conway). We found a nice bike trail, but unfortunately had no bikes.

And a dam that’s overflowing.


A waterfall.

And the Mt. Washington Hotel.

The next day we stayed close to home, beginning with Peet’s in Harvard Square. Jenny, this photo is just for you.

Turns out it’s Marine Week in Boston. I missed four V-22s flying into town and landing on the Common (yes, I’m livid), but enjoyed this giant gun under Sam Adams’s gaze.

Went to the Common and finally stopped to see a Saint-Gaudens sculpture I’ve been meaning to see.

Then the last day, down to Rhode Island to Charlestown Beach and Beavertail. We saw this osprey hatchling. I believe that’s a camera pointed at him.

Here’s Dad frolicking.

Tide pools.

And here’s Dad taking a photo of me taking a photo. There’s one in every batch, you know.