Playing Tourist with My Dad: DC, MD, VA

Dad had a conference in DC, so I flew down to mooch the free sofabed in the hotel and play tourist. Dad was able to join me occasionally between conference sessions.

The weather was surprisingly warm, so we decided to head to the Mall one evening. We happened to be there during a full moon.

Here’s Dad around one of the corners on the Lincoln Memorial (or do we say Lincoln Monument?).

There’s Abe himself. We were pretty surprised by how many people were there at 8pm on a school night.

We found an afternoon to visit Monticello.

See how long the queue is even in November?

It’s a pretty spot. I’ve decided Jefferson is the coolest person who’s ever lived. Ever.

Here’s the lane going down past the gardens.

His vineyards. TJ liked wine almost as much as I do.

Dad, on the other hand, prefers a good cider.

Then there was the time we went to Shenandoah National Park and found ourselves on the Appalachian Trail.

Here we are about to set out.

And then we came around a corner and there was a bear!

The trees had already turned, but the view was still pretty.

We were on Skyline Drive when the sun went down. I should mention we also had meatloaf and pie at Mrs. Rowe’s that day. Delicious.

Another day we found a bit of time to sneak over to Annapolis, where we saw this doggy in the window.

Dad loves Annapolis despite what that look on his face suggests.

Headed over to Blackwater Wildlife Refuge, which was a bit flooded.

It’s home to Delmarva squirrels. We didn’t see any except on this sign.

The weather was turning colder and a pretty strong breeze came in that day that didn’t leave again. Glad I had a warm coat even though I didn’t need it Monday.

Blackwater has a huge population of nesting Bald Eagles. They were everywhere.

Thought we’d go through a different part of the Refuge on the way back, but you can see the plan was thwarted.

Probably just as well, as weather started to come in then.

Then Dad’s conference was done and we were able to go over to Mt. Vernon.

I couldn’t help it. I had this song in my head the entire time (not safe for work).

Here I am! I’m standing by his porch.

Nice vane, eh?

Good view from his porch.

Here’s Dad trying to learn how a fan chair works.

George had a roundish barn!

And, well, we’d paid for a week-long pass, so we figured what the hell: let’s go back to Shenandoah.