Playing Tourist with My Aunt: New York and New Jersey

Friday morning we head across MA and CT to where Mom had flown to stay with Jenny and Brent. The drive wasn’t bad except for a strange section of snow in the middle of Connecticut. We took Gail out for excellent seafood for her birthday (I’ve never seen so many clams on one plate) that night, then headed into NYC the next morning. We started out in DUMBO.

We stopped at Jacquest Torres (I got hot chocolate, chocolate-covered ginger and cocoa-dusted almonds) and then crossed the street to Almondine (a giant chocolate macaroon and a madeline). Then we sat down to dine.

Here’s Gail under the Manhattan bridge.

Yes, it’s getting colder. It was supposed to rain all day, but that didn’t happen. So the cold was a fair trade, I think. Here’s Jenny, Brent and Mom.

Here’s Gail again taking a photo with Manhattan behind her.

We got back into the car and drove to Soho and had lunch at 1849. Then Brent took Mom and Gail away for a driving tour, and Jenny and I met up with Roo to visit Purl and have coffee at Housing Works.

We left then to fetch t-shirts so Jenny could screen some prints for me (photos TK), then spent some time with phone and iPhone trying to triangulate with Brent et al.

Oh, this is out of order. It’s some graffiti I liked near DUMBO.

And more.

Next day (today), we went to breakfast at Blue Rooster (get the scones and don’t spare the clotted cream!) and then to an orchard. They had a small flock of guinea fowl.

And pumpkins (Jenny bought two).

She made Mom hold the pumpkins while we looked at the animals.

These geese were all tuckered out.

Jenny had a great conversation with this goat.

Jenny and I posed.

The Jersey Devil tried to attack Jenny!

Then Gail and I headed back north in even more snow. This is the most ridiculous October on record, and I am NOT pleased.