Playing Tourist with My Aunt: New Hampshire and Vermont

After I wasted a ton of time working like a sucker this morning on my vacation day, we headed up 93 to NH. And lo! There was snow.

That was hereish. It wasn’t all that cold (about 40), but all the trees were covered higher up, and we saw a lot of patches where it had gathered on the ground.

We stopped at one point to get some photos, and you can see that it was snowing (that’s not dust, it’s snow).

Here’s a view from the other side of the road – more snow in the distance.

Here’s where I tricked Gail into posing.

And, Dad, here’s me near the Appalachian Trail (not on it).

We went cross-country into Vermont, and then made our way to cute little Montpelier, where we had some lunch and visited that cute little state house.

Doesn’t Ethan Allen look scary?

Another tricked pose! You can see the look of bemused defeat right there on her face.

Finally, we got down to business and toured Ben & Jerry’s.

No one was there to take our photo with our heads stuck through this thing, so I took one of it without us.

And, Joe, this one’s for you: me eating in a photo again. It was pumpkin cheesecake, for the record (extremely delicious). Gail had Phish Food.

Then, the very long journey home. Why is the north so far north?