More Vancouver

Ah ha! Remember the floating gas station I found so amusing? Now that I’ve switched hotels, I can see it from my window.

This one’s from yesterday too. I really did intend to spend the day at the anthropology museum, but the weather was just too nice and I went back to Stanley Park. In the middle of the photo here you can see the Lions Gate Bridge, which I’ve been excited to see. I used to use Coupland’s essay on that bridge when I taught good ol’ freshman writing.

Was in a conference all day today, and then we had a bbq at Second Beach back again in Stanley Park. You may well accuse me of spending too much time in this place. But I think even if I lived here I’d be up there every day.

Terrific bike path and seawall walking path around the whole thing. And would you believe those cute little Canadians actually obey the “street” signs for the bikes?

We were still out there as the sun began to set. Rumors of bad weather today were greatly exaggerated, though I hear tomorrow and so on are supposed to be wretched. Seems a little worth it given how nice this evening was.

Here’s one of the UMich boys going out to get a photo.

And Lindsey can now say she’s touched three different oceans.