West to South Dakota

We went again to South Dakota this year. Mom has a class all summer, so she wasn’t able to come along.

Let’s get right to the meat, no chatting:

Here’s an elk. Right along I-90, just outside the Teddy Roosevelt Natl Park. See all his majesty?

Inside the same park. This was a little trail we followed trying to get a look at the river. We did get a look, but from a long distance.

Dad and David on the aforementioned trail.

And here they are, victorious at the top. We were really lucky with the weather this year. Cool enough that I had to buy an extra pair of jeans.

I think this is a bubonicless prairie dog, but it’s hard to tell from afar.

Here’s the Teddy Park again. It’s a lot like the South Dakota badlands. Maybe a little more rounded on the top. Less… Craggy.

There’s David. See how old he is now?

These photos are all out of order, because here’s when we first came into North Dakota, and the Park is well into ND.

Pelicans! I about broke my leg trying to get out of the car and get a photo, I was so excited. They nest up here in ND and in Montana.

Sheep. Very, very scruffy this year. Maybe moldy from all the rain.

Here’s a little road we walked down in the Big Horn Mountains. Along the way we startled two moose who ran quickly away. But just the glimpse was exciting.

Another part of the Big Horns. This is on the south side, headed toward Gillette.

And more of the same, another section.

This is in Iowa now, David back in his natural element (that’s a rickety old wagon he’s climbing onto).

And here he is cracking me up.