Maine Maritime Museum

We visited the Maine Maritime Museum Sunday. This was after Curt stood me up for breakfast at Sound Bites and I spent that (delicious) meal listening to Crazy Mike screaming from across the street. He was wearing a parka (it was 75 degrees already) and drinking a Red Bull. I think he’s gotten worse, and I fear him now more than ever.

I digress.

The M^3 is in Bath, which is a pretty cute little town about 2.5 hours north of here. If you like wooden ships and hand-crafted models (who doesn’t?!), this is your place. Dad would have been positively giddy.

Above is me sitting in the bow of a sculpture that will one day show the full scale of the Wyoming, the largest wooden schooner built in the US. There’s a photo here. Isn’t it great? Right now the sculpture just shows the bow and stern, but one day it’ll show all six masts.

Here’s me making friends with a lobster. Dig the paint job they used to make it look uncooked. The lobstering exhibit is excellent.

And isn’t this a great photo? I think we should frame it and put it in the bathroom. Who’s with me?