Georges Island

I got home late Sunday, and luckily Monday was Memorial Day: another day of rest before heading back into the office. Instead of being sensible and spending it doing laundry and Googling the rash on my leg, we decided to get on a boat and head out to Georges Island, one of the Boston Harbor Islands. I was surprised by just how large Ft. Warren is, and even more surprised (and stupid) when we realized it was one of five major forts from the 19th century, a population that includes Ft. Sumter (which yeah, we did know about). It’s time to take a history refresher, I think.

It’s a nice little trip out there once you can figure out where the boat leaves from. It’s not marked at all, though that could be a conspiracy of other boat operations. If you want to go: it’s on the north side of the Marriott down on the Harbor. Standing there, walk straight to the water and you’ll run smack into the ticket booth. It’s $14 per person for a round trip ticket. The boat leaves Boston on the hour until 4pm and returns on the half hour until 430pm.

Anyway, but the photos.

A little lighthouse on an island along the way. I could stand to live there.

Another lighthouse. Also acceptable as living quarters.

Tons of kelp and other interesting bits in the water.

Here’s where the cannons would have been along the top of the walls. These would have been Rodmans, which are 15″ cannons with a range of three miles. The circles there had little wheels on them, and you could slide the cannon left and right along the track.

You can see just how many there would have been: a cannon on every one of these platforms. They lined the entire perimeter.

And a sign that amused me.

And the wall with all the foliage up top.