Ljubljana (last day)

Last morning in Ljubljana, we had a little walk around town again. There was some sort of farmers market or show going on. Lots of free food, but my stomach was a mess by then, presumably from all the coffee and the late-night eating. Cec said the aspargus especially was delicious.

I was pretty excited when I saw all the antique tractors.

This one has a little tool box on the back.

‘nother tractor.

This kid’s balloon absolutely cracked me up. Look how the string is attached to the balloon!

Remember: I’m basically a 12-year-old boy.

And along with the farmers market, there was a flea market with all kinds of things. Saw no pie birds, though. But also didn’t look too hard. I was already packed at this point.

Here I am about to smash the city.

One of the dragons from the dragon bridge.

View from the way down from the castle.

What I saw when I leaned out the window of my hotel that morning.