Cupcake Mario

Today was the First Occasional OCW Moviefest. We gathered nominations and held a vote for the movie. King of Kong and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off were dead even until I pushed things over the edge with the promise of cupcakes. A lot of them. In the shape of Mario.

It began, as it would, with a lot of cupcakes. I bought a square tin just for the occasion, and it took us quite a while to iron out the kinks. First we put in too much batter. Then we discovered if the tin wasn’t full, the edges would burn.

“We,” by the way, was me and Tanya. Couldn’t have done this without her, and bribed her with a hike in the morning accordingly.

After hours of baking on Sunday afternoon and evening, we ended up with a kit, really. I didn’t want to transport them fully assembled and iced, and you can see all the accessories fit nicely into a Nordstrom two-pairs-of-shoes box. The pattern is there at the back, rather like a cross-stitch pattern. The dark ones, by the way, were gluten-, dairy-, egg-, nut-free. Because I care.

One of the hardest parts was sorting out the icing. I got nowhere near a true red, as you can see. And Tanya added small amounts of cocoa to french vanilla to approximate flesh tone.


Here it is coming together. You can see how much fun I was having assembling all the little squares. Rather like Tetris. But you know, with sticky fingers instead of a timer to worry about.

Cheryl joined us for the icing. I don’t think we would have gotten through all of them without her.

And… Huzzah! There it is in the conference room, waiting for the movie to start.

I’m awfully proud, actually.

Brett climbed onto a stool to get the full effect. I appreciated that he affected a Mario-esque surprise.

And here’s Fred enjoying them. You can see we got through quite a lot during the movie.