This was my second layover in Zurich. Much nicer than the first, when it was only ten hours and it was with my boss… It was a little colder than the rest of our trip, but we dressed in layers. I think a long layover is just about right for Zurich. It’s a cute little city, but there doesn’t seem to be enough to fill more than a day or so – I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m misinformed.

Anyway, we arrived at 11am, checked into our hotel, and set out to find a tram into the city.

I think the days leading to Christmas are probably the ideal time to be in Zurich. It’s obviously a shopping destination, and the little shops were full of decorations and the sorts of little gifts that are nice alternatives to department store clones.

And there are a lot of churches.

I spent most of the day window shopping. We had packed light as usual, and I didn’t want to add to the burden of the next few days by cramming my bag full of things. But it was fun to look.

Cue gratuitous shots of a cute little town.

We did stop in to Großmutter like good little tourists.

No, I didn’t particularly miss my cats. All relationships require some time apart in order to stay healthy.

At lunch we decided to hunt down the most cliche Swiss place we could find. This sent us to Swiss Chuchi, which is apparently a fondue joint. I don’t recommended it, particularly when you are traveling and your system is probably out of whack anyway. I’ll say no more.

As dusk settled in, we were both ready to head back to the hotel and rest up for our journey on to Florence in the morning. We agreed that we’d spent the right amount of time in Zurich and were ready for our bigger adventure in Italy.

Yen took about 3,000 photos during this trip, so posting is going to be a long process. Florence is ready, but jet lag is a harsh mistress. See you tomorrow.