Low-Key Weekend

We stayed close to home this weekend – sorry about that. We had some social obligations and the weather turned a little colder than it’s been. And with the hurricane knocking down so many trees, we just didn’t feel like a big trek. In fact on Saturday, all we managed (after lunch with friends) was a little walk along the Charles at sunset.

Yen’s been playing with HDR lately.

As I was leaving the house, I ran into my neighbor sitting on the front steps. He looked at my outfit and shook his head. “You should probably go change,” he said. “You can’t tell it now, but it’s way colder than it was earlier.” I’m glad he said something, because even in this warmer-than-I-planned outfit, I was pretty cold out there on the bridge.

Sunday morning we let Daylight Saving end without a fuss and hung around the house most of the morning. Finally around 1:30 we took a drive north and ended up at Old Town Hill. It’s… Well, it’s pretty disappointing. The view is rather obscured. You get to the top very quickly via a switchback, and then you have to crane your neck just to see Hampton Beach, which from here looks about the same as it does up close: a bunch of white buildings smashed together, hogging the view.

But you know, we had to make the best of it. At dinner on Friday, Tracie said to Yen, “Could you please tell her to get a new pose?” So I decided to specifically avoid my hands-on-hips stance throughout this walk. It’s good that it was short, because you’ll see I’m not terribly creative.

After you admire the view (such as it is), you can head downhill and quickly come to this big meadow. Hello!

Then you’ll turn and roam through the woods a while. The trail is really nothing to write home (or a blog post) about. It’s fine. Being in the woods any time is better than being at the mall. But with so many great places in such a short distance from home, I feel a little entitled to be slightly snobby. We did notice a boardwalk marked out on the map, and Yen knows how much I like a boardwalk. So we made sure to at least go that far.

I made Yen do a non-hands-on-hips pose as well. He’s rather less dramatic about it all than I was. Possibly attributable to his better sense of balance.

And then we watched some birds for a bit.

Then you head back up the hill and you’re back where you started.

On the way in, I’d noticed a little ship statue and asked to stop and take a look. It turned out to be part of a little historic green, complete with a list of the terribly English names of the first settlers in the area, and a small reconstructed schoolhouse. I stuck my nose up on the window of the school and was surprised to see a mannequin standing inside. To be completely frank, well, it scared me half to death.

Anyway, so that’s one more Trustees property down. Don’t know if we’ll bother with it again, but at least there are many others left for us to explore. We’ll try to do something more noteworthy next weekend, ok?