IL/IA ’04

Had to dash home for a bit. Have some adventures. You know the routine.

I naturally hopped out of bed too early most mornings. And since it’s October, the air is full of dust from the harvest—which makes for lovely sunrises.

I got to spend some time with David. His school gets out at 2:15 now, which just seems crazy to me. But it made for nice, long afternoons.

The neighbor told me about a beaver dam in the creek down the road, so David and I went to check it out one afternoon.

It was nice to be outside, checking out birds’ nests and nearly running into spiders.

David had on waders, so he wandered down in the water while I watched.

Nice, eh? Absolutely perfect weather for it.

He even found a little island to own.

Of course, the water did get a little out of control.

We ended up driving to IA to attend a little family affair.

We drove back through Wilton, where I lived as a small Kate. It’s home to this fantastic little soda shop, which was closed when we arrived.

And here’s the house! Sheesh—it looks totally small.