Mini Vacation in Maine (Part 1)

If there’s one thing Yen and I know, it’s how to maximize a weekend. Maybe it didn’t feel very wise as we sat in traffic Friday afternoon, and it sure didn’t feel wise as we struggled to stay awake through the final miles. But once we arrived, we were both so happy we’d decided to zip up to Bar Harbor for a mini vacation this weekend.

The thing that got us up there (besides the fact of Acadia itself) was the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association Fair, and the fact that Scott, Alison and Ian would be up there for us to hang around with. Saturday morning we got up quite early and drove the nearly two hours over to Unity, then hopped on the little train that took us over to the fair.

Once there, we had the very real problem of trying to find our friends in a place without reliable cell reception. Scott is wise, however, and thought to himself, “Ok, where would Kate go?” It came to him quickly: “Giant vegetable display.” Off they went, and yea, verily, they found me examining a table of peppers. Sometimes it’s nice to be so predictable.

After all of those vegetables, we headed outside and Ian suggested a ride around the grounds in this wagon. We all decided to join him.

After that wild ride, we split. Yen and I went off to investigate the animals, and the others went to visit their favorites again (Y and I were late, so they had almost an hour jump on us).

Ever since I moved out East, I’ve been looking for a good fair. I tried the Big E, the Franklin County Fair, and a few others, but none was quite what I wanted. They were all a little heavy on the fried food, and a little light on the actual live stock. MOFGA was a lot closer to what I’ve been hunting for.

This, folks, is a baby Scottish Highland Cow. Oh yes it is!

I look at this photo and think of how my eight-year-old self would have swooned. What is it about girls and horses?

The bunnies were possibly the best bit, although I was fascinated to find that every one of them was for sale. Are bunnies such a fleeting commodity?

Cuy. It’s what’s for dinner.

Here I am. I’m outside again, enjoying the drizzle. It really wasn’t that bad. Far better than being hot.

Ah, and this is where we had some lunch. I had a lamb and vegetable wrap, and Yen had a lamb kebab. Then there was ice cream. Oh, there was ice cream.

Here’s the train we took back to the car. The conductor said they run foliage tours in the fall. That would be fun.

So then we drove back. And it was still raining and foggy. The Penobscot bridge is still pretty terrific even when you can’t reliably see the top.

Rain can’t possibly stop us from having a little ramble, not when we’re near Acadia, it can’t. We headed on into the park, picked up our pass, and Yen took me to a boardwalk he’d found last time he was up (without me!).

You can see that a few leaves are just starting to turn. But I think if you want really terrific foliage, you should wait two more weeks and then drive on up to Bar Harbor.

It was warm enough that some of the frogs were still out. I insisted that Yen photograph them.

Here I am back at the inn, ready to get settled for some dinner and then sleep. Very nice place to stay, the White Columns Inn. I highly recommended it. Because it’s adorable and because it’s in a great location. Oh, and it turns out the innkeeper is also from Iowa.

Here are the little knicknacks on the mantel. Cute, eh?

Then bed, and some seriously good sleep. Up next: Day Two.