PEM and a bit of Salem

You probably remember that the Peabody-Essex Museum is one of my favorite local museums. They are currently hosting an Ansel Adams exhibit, and so we decided to head down late Sunday afternoon and take a look. It left us almost no time to visit the rest of the museum (though I did take Yen to see the incorrectly taxidermied penguin), but it was sure better than nothing.

Here I am. I’m at the museum.

Here’s the China house. We didn’t go in, of course – not nearly enough time.

You don’t get to see any of the exhibit – that’s closed to photography. You must settle for me in front of the banner.

I always have to stop and admire this piece when I visit.

After we were kicked out at 5pm on the dot, we roamed around Salem just a bit.

And naturally ended up in a burial ground.

Here’s the China house again, but from the back.

And… a creepy house next to the burial ground. Naturally.