Yen’s friend Marshall and his wife were in town, so we took a little impromptu trip to Salem (they’re from CA, and Salem is where you take outta townahs). We started with the usual: the Common and a bit of the witch tour.

You can skip the witch museum if you remember even a bit of what you learned in middle school Social Studies about the Salm Witch Trials. Pretty hokey stuff that ends with a small rant on other examples of “witch hunts” in American history, as well as a plug for Wiccans. Walk by, take a photo, and keep on moving. There’s more interesting stuff to see in Salem.

Such as this house, which is the oldest building left in Salem.

And this, the Custom House.

You can head out toward the water for some interactive exhibits where you can learn what life on board a ship was like (at least the climbing part).

You can admire the itty bitty lighthouse.

Which (awww) is romantic despite being so vertically challenged.

And check out the Friendship.

End your wanderings with dinner at Bella Verona, a very cute little place near the Hawthorne Inn.

It was a fun few hours, and I think we’ve come to the conclusion that it would be worth coming back on afternoon and seeing what else is there – particularly House of Seven Gables. Just not, I think, in July, August, or October.