East Pond

The company outing continued:

Sunday we were tired from the Saturday hike and staying up a bit too late, and decided to go with something a bit flatter. It’s good we did, because the bulk of what you’re about to see was actually hiked in the rain.

This hike is East Pond and Little East Pond, not quite as accessible as some of the sites along the Kancamagus, but that’s not a bad thing in my book. You’ve got to travel five miles down a gravel road that winds through camp sites in order to find this place. We only passed two groups of people (one couple and one larger group) the entire time.

You’re following a creek for most of this hike, so be smarter than us and bring insect repellent. I think I’m light-headed today from blood loss.

Most of the first section of this loop crosses the creek back and forth, back and forth. Sometimes you’ll balance on rocks, and sometimes there are little makeshift bridges.

It’s another very peaceful walk. Almost rain forest like with all of the moss and greenery.

After a fairly steep bit right at the end, you suddenly come out to Little East Pond, which is when the rain began.

We kept moving and the trail skirted along the side of a hill, winding around and making us very happy.

I think you know I’m always wishing to see a moose. It still hasn’t happened yet, but it looks like we’re getting closer.

And now East Pond. What looked like a family were huddled under some trees, eating lunch and having a lovely time hiding from the rain and hoping for an afternoon swim. It never happened, though – they emerged from the woods shortly after we did.

We were soggy but happy when we got back into the car and headed south and toward home. Naturally we stopped off in Lowell for some pho and bun, which made it a perfect Sunday. I could use a second one for some sleep, though.