Jenny and I met in New Haven to exchange Christmas gifts on Sunday. Mine to her was a hat. She requested one with “lots of colors,” but when I realized I could make this instead… You can see I had no choice.

But Jenny’s Jenny, and so she did me 10 times better. Look how excited I was:

And here’s a better view (of the purse and of me being excited):

This thing is so damned cute. It’s made from an old pair of her pants! Pocket on the front, pocket on the back. And the bunny fabric that makes up that bunny on the front goes all up the inside of the strap and lines the inside. It’s ridiculous how cute this thing is. It hasn’t left the house yet because I’ve been keeping it in the living room so I can run over to it periodically and act out scenes. Here’s me skipping down the street. Here’s me finding a cookie in my purse! Etc. It’s obnoxious, but such is life with me.

And here’s the thing: she made up this pattern. She invented it. I expect to see them on Etsy any day now, Jenny.

In addition, she also made the most adorable catnip pillows for the boys, and they’ve been hauling them from room to room, meowing with their mouths full. And limoncello! And peanut blossoms. It was a fantastic haul. Now I need to get it together and send the rest of the presents for her and Brent.

PS: Yes, we do always exchange presents in a public park. Don’t you?