In Which We Take Ourselves Out to the Old Ball Game

My cousin Aaron and his very lovely wife Angie came for a visit. I’m afraid most of the visit isn’t documented, but because Yen joined us Saturday night for a Lowell Spinners game, I can offer you the following photos.

The Spinners are a Short-Season A team, which means tickets were $6 and the stands were full of people who knew each other and had brought Cub Scouts who were planning to camp on the grass that night. This is the baseball I like: close to the grass, silly activities during lulls, and a bunch of guys who are trying really hard to break into the big time.

There were even Minutemen on hand to celebrate the few homeruns the Spinners managed to get.

Here we are!

And here’s a poor kid who has to wear a wiener hat.

Which isn’t all that humiliating when you think about the activities that go on to keep the masses amused during the slow plod that is a baseball game.

And all the while, the players are just trying to keep it together.

Apparently Milan Lucic is hosting a game in August. Maybe we’ll go see that. Nothing like a hockey player trying to play baseball. I guess if Michael Jordan can make the crossover, so can Lucic. I’ll let you know.